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Tuesday, Mar 03rd

Last updateMon, 02 Feb 2015 8am

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DGT electronic chess boards are accurate and fast chess move input devices for your computer. For official tournament use, club use or home use, DGT offers the perfect e-Boards.

USB and Bluetooth e-Boards are for individual use at home, club or school. Connect a single board to the PC with USB cable or wireless using Bluetooth. The boards and pieces are supplied with all accessories in a nice gift box.

Serial tournament e-Boards can be connected together in large numbers for use at tournaments and are supplied in a custom made canvas DGT bag. The pieces are supplied in a black drawstring bag. Serial tournament e-Boards are connected to the PC using conventional cables or the modern wireless DGT Caïssa System.

  • - Play with genuine wood against your favourite chess program or internet opponent.
  • - Broadcast chess games live over the internet. Ideal for tournament presentation.
  • - Let the computer analyze games while playing a human opponent.
  • - Automatically store games in the memory of the board while you play, and retrieve the games as PGN later.
  • - Beautifully inlaid wood board with official FIDE tournament-size squares (5.5 x 5.5 cm).
  • - Boards are only 1.8 cm thick, same as a normal chessboard.
  • - Classic Staunton wooden chess pieces with a king height of 95mm (3.75").
  • - Possibility to connect a DGT XL Clock (opponent’s moves are shown on the clock's display).
  • - Modern and reliable sensor technology recognizes each piece accurately and fast.
  • - Each individual piece is identified by colour and type. This gives you extra reliability in fast blitz games and makes setting up chess positions very easy.
  • - Internal memory (for 500 moves).
  • - Simply connects to PC via Bluetooth, USB or serial port of your PC.
  • - Driver CD included for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit).
  • - Supported by many existing chess programs. Click here to see a list of these programs.
  • - Drivers and other board software can be found on our DGT Software webpage.


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