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Monday, Jan 26th

Last updateMon, 19 Jan 2015 8am

You are here: Home Frequently Asked Questions Clocks Move Timer mode with DGT 2010

Move Timer mode with DGT 2010

The DGT Easy and DGT960types of clocks have an option called move timer, can I do this also with a DGT 2010?

This means that the clock always returns to the set time when a player pushes his or her button. Also the game is not immediately over when one player passes zero time.

This is not a standard option for the DGT 2010, however there is a workaround by using the Byo-Yomi mode.

Choose option 28 and press enter.

Accept all zeros (10) until you see the number 1 in the right hand display.

Now set the desired time per move in the left hand display, the maximum is 9 min, 59 sec.

You can alter the 1 in the right hand display to allow the players to set the move time in different stages.

For example you set the move time to 1 minute and choose 2 in the last step.

The clock will indicate 2 minutes after starting the time. When a player always uses less then 1 minute per move, the clock returns to 2 minutes. When a player uses more than 1 minute for a certain move, the clock will jump back to 1 minute and will do so until this player reaches zero. The players can decide if this player has lost the game, or if he or she can go on with another minute per move.

The DGT XL clock can not be tricked into a move timer mode