Trivial Pursuit


Age 15+
Number of players 2-6
Normal duration 90 minutes



Trivial pursuit is all about trivial knowledge. Try to collect all the colored pieces of your pie by answering questions in six categories: geography, entertainment, history, arts & literature, science & nature and sports & leisure. In each turn, the role of a die decides how many steps you need to move your playing piece. Answering a question correctly means you get another turn. When your playing piece is placed upon the right spot on the board it is possible to earn a part of the pie. For more information see this link.

CUBE TIP: Restricted answering time

CUBE mode Move timer
Advised time 10 seconds per turn

Place a limit on thinking time for each question and give a clear deadline for answering a question. By setting individual times it is possible to provide a player handicap. This can be convenient when playing with children or when multiple players form a team.

CUBE TIP: Different times for each category

CUBE mode Move timer
Advised time 3-18 seconds per turn

In Trivial Pursuit there are six question categories. By linking each category to a colored side of the cube you can set a different move time for each category.

For example:

Category Cube Side Move time
Geography (blue) Blue 3 seconds
Entertainment (pink) White 6 seconds
History (yellow) Yellow 9 seconds
Arts & Literature (brown) Black 12 seconds
Science & Nature (green) Green 15 seconds
Sports & Leisure (orange) Red 18 seconds


These time limits will make it much harder to correctly answer questions in the Geography category than answering Sports & Leisure questions. Make categories you find relatively easy to answer harder by providing less time. When playing Trivial Pursuit you can choose to add time limits to every question in the game or only to the questions where you can earn a slice of your color pizza.


Other suggestions:

Game Timer

Every player gets a total amount of time. Players that run out of time stop playing the game. Continue until all players have no time left, count the points. The player who gets all the targets wins, although players with equal points are possible. The total time for a game is fixed so this is a good option when you have only a limited time to play the game.

Move Timer plus Save

The players time starts running when the question is read. The disadvantage is that after throwing the dice the moment of choice of the direction is not counted in time.

Move Timer plus Save

The time starts immediately after the change of the turn or when the dice are thrown (again). Disadvantage: the one who reads the question can influence the time.

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