How to setup a position in Chessbase or Fritz with an e-Board?

The normal chess start up position is automatically detected by Chessbase. However, if you have a different position on the board and you want Chessbase to start from this different position, you have to lift both Kings and put them back on the same position on the board. To determine which colour should do the first move, do place the King of that colour back as last on the e-Board.

  • Example: You have to set a position on the e-Board and white is to move first: Lift both Kings, put the black King on the e-Board and then put the white King on the e-Board.
  • Example: You have set a position on the e-Board and black is to move first: Lift both Kings, put the white King on the e-Board and then put the black King on the e-Board.

Once this is done correctly, all moves played on the e-Board should now be registered correctly by Chessbase.
Please keep in mind that there might be positions on the board that will not recognise your move. E.g. the black King is in check and you want to move a different move that does not solve the check. Chessbase does not show anything at that moment as the move is an illegal move.

In Fritz you can setup a position in the same way.

Important remark: to make this work you have to enable "Start/Stop setup" in the extra tab of the RabbitPlugin as per below picture:  

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