Cube & Pyramid official game timers

Many players, tournament organizers and games producers keep discovering the DGT Cube and the DGT Pyramid as the perfect game timers to add fun and fairness to their games.

COMIC CONMayfair Games

At Comic Con (July 18-21, San Diego, USA) and at Gen Con (August 15-18, Indianapolis, USA) Mayfair Games organizes Star Trek Catan Warp Speed Tournaments where the DGT Pyramid will be the official game timer.

Both events feature a full 48-player field with the chance to play on the final table with Wil Wheaton, actor and host/producer of the popular Internet series TableTop.


The DGT Cube is the official game timer at the Pentago tournament at Gen Con.

Librium Games

Cube and Pyramid are official game timers at the Librium Games Team Challenges and World Championships in the UK.


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