Van Wijgerden receives highest Dutch chess award

Cor van Wijgerden received the prestigious Max Euwe Ring for his unsurpassed and continuing achievements in the world of chess.

International Master Van Wijgerden trained and coached an almost endless list of players many of whom went on to become Grandmasters. He also developed the renowned Step-by-Step chess teaching method, arguably the most superior way to learn and teach chess that was ever created.

His method takes into account general aspects that are common in the development of all children and his didactic solutions to teach chess to beginners and advanced youth players have proven to be a huge success both in the Netherlands and abroad. With the development and spread of his chess teaching method Van Wijgerden’s influence is felt by hundreds of thousands of pupils and chess trainers.

DGT is proud to have Van Wijgerden’s method incorporated in its products the Chess Trainer CD and the Chess Starter Boxes. The Chess Trainer CD is an interactive version of the Step-by-Step method for PC and available in Russian, Spanish, French, English, Dutch and German.

Cor van Wijgerden became only the 7th person to receive the Max Euwe Ring since it was first awarded to former World Chess Champion Dr. Max Euwe in 1976.














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