Result of the Havannah Challenge 2012

In 2002 Christian Freeling put out a challenge that Havannah programs would not be able to beat him even once in a ten game match on a base-10 board, in the next ten years. From 15 to 19 October 2012 this 'Man vs Machine' Havannah Challenge took place at the DGT offices, against three talented program(mer)s: Timo Ewalds with Castro, Marcin Ciura with Lajkonik and Richard Lorentz with Wanderer.







The game Havannah is easy to understand and can be played using pencil and paper only.The programs won 3 out of 10 so the winning programmers receive a prize of €1000 that came with the challenge. Castro and Lajkonik both played four games, while Wanderer played two. Lajkonik won two games playing black in one, Castro won the last one with white. The prize money is split evenly between both their creators.

The match was played in good spirit. All games were very exiting and streamed via the internet.

More on the challenge can be found on the Havannah page or Mindsports, were all games can be replayed.



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