Mind Sports at DGT

DGT often hosts matches between chess teams competing in the national league. These games are broadcast live on the internet. Also chess tournaments are held at the DGT building.

In 2012 also other different mind sports will be organized at DGT: Shogi, Stratego and Speedcubing (Rubik's cube).

DGTEuregio Shogi Championships – Saturday, January 21st

Shogi is the Japanese form of Chess.

Open Overijsselse Stratego Championships – Saturday, February 25th.

This Stratego Tournament is organised by the Dutch Stratego Federation.

Speedcubing Competition – Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd and 4th

In speedcubing tournaments competitors try to solve the Rubik’s Cube and similar puzzles as quickly as possible. The competition is an official WCA (World Cubing Association) tournament and will involve several disciplines such as solving the Rubik's Cube one handed, solving the Cube using feet only and FMC (Fewest Move Challenge). Many international cube solvers are expected to take part hoping to set new world records.



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