DGT releases an update of the DGT2010

In October 2010 DGT released an updated version of the DGT2010 chess clock that replaced the existing model.

New DGT 2010The  main improvement is in the memory function that allows users to store the manual settings in all 14 timing systems. In addition some minor changes were made to keep the clock up to date with fashionable timing systems.

The updated DGT 2010 version is sometimes called DGT 2010 SG (Second Generation) and can be recognized by the blue colour of the buttons. It is approved by FIDE and recommended as “The Official FIDE Chess Clock”.

Following alterations were made:

1. NEW: All manual settings are stored in the clock’s memory.

2. Options 19 and 20: Bonus tournament, presets updated to FIDE preferences.

  • Option 19: 1 hour 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes (each period with 30 seconds time increment per move)
  • Option 20: 1 hour 40 minutes followed by 50 minutes f.b. 15 minutes (each period with 30 seconds time increment per move)

3. Option 25: Multi-period Bronstein Delay.

  • Bronstein Delay now available for more periods (maximum 4 periods)

4. Option 30: Automatic move counter added to Canadian Byo Yomi for Go.

5. NEW: Options 35 and 36: Scrabble™.

  • Scrabble timers added that will start up-count after the clock reaches zero



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