Offices & Warehouse:


Hengelosestraat 66
7514 AJ Enschede
The Netherlands


Telephone: +31 (0) 53 4305195

Fax: +31 (0) 53 4329365


Statutory established at Enschede, the Netherlands.

Chamber of commerce registration (KvK): 06070316

VAT number: NL 8024 38 878 B01


Banking information:

Bank name and address: Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen, Raiffeisenstraat 75, Enschede,The Netherlands


Beneficiary account number: 3975.28.884

IBAN nr: NL52RABO0397528884


Technical Support & Customer Service:

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Email contacts:

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Featured Products

  • DGT1005 - Byo-yomi timer

    New high quality timer with Japanese Byo-yomi timing options especially designed for the ancient games of Shogi and Go.

  • DGT Smart Board

    The DGT Smart Board is a great new addition to our range of electronic chess boards.

  • DGT Pocket Timer

    The travel timer with surprisingly many options!

  • New Chess Starter Box

    A new DGT Chess Starter Box that includes chess board, weighted chess pieces and the great little DGT1002 chess clock.

  • The Official FIDE Chess Set

    DGT is proud to add the Official FIDE Chess Set to its range of electronic chess pieces suitable for all DGT e-Boards and Revelation II.

  • DGT Pi Chess Computer

    DGT Pi is a chess computer that turns your DGT e-Board into your strongest sparring partner.

  • DGT1002 Bonus Timer

    DGT1002 is the simplest chess clock with bonus options available anywhere. Simply press + or - to set the times and the game can begin! Easy to understand and fun to use!

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As a leading electronics and digital company we develop innovative ideas into quality products and unique services.

We take play seriously and want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.

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