• DGT3000 - the world's most advanced game timer - connects to all DGT e-Boards

  • DGT e-Boards for live broadcasting of chess games via the internet.

    DGT e-Boards for live broadcasting of chess games via the internet

  • DGT 2010

    DGT2010 - the official FIDE chess clock

  • DGT1001 - perfect simplicity in game timing.

    DGT1001 - perfect simplicity in game timing

  • Revelation Chess Computer

    Revelation II Chess Computer - the ultimate chess experience

Featured Products

  • DGT Pi Chess Computer - release mid October 2016

    DGT Pi is a fully functional DGT3000 chess clock with built-in chess computer that turns your USB or Bluetooth e-Board into your strongest sparring partner.

  • NEW Carrying Bags

    Newly designed DGT Carrying Bags to store board, pieces, digital clock and acccessories.


    The DGT1001 is a universal game timer suitable for school, club or home use. Perfect simplicity in game timing!

  • DGT Designed Plastic Chess Pieces

    These high quality plastic chess pieces are weighted and underneath finished with felt.

  • Retro Software for Revelation II

    The unique Retro Software allows Revelation II users to play against nostalgic chess computers from the past.

  • Polgar Deluxe Chess Set

    The Polgar Deluxe chess pieces and board are selected by Judit Polgar.

Latest publications

  • LiveChess 2 release November 2016

    LiveChess 1 was already great but LiveChess 2 will be completely new offering many great new features and possibilities both for tournament use and home use.

  • DGT1001 receives Award!

    The DGT1001 received the Seal of Approval and Editor's Choice Awards from the Family Review Center.

  • Weighted electronic chess pieces

    DGT Product Development found a way to increase the weight of electronic chess pieces that adds around 200-250 gram per set.

  • DGT Technical Service Centres

    DGT supports companies with technical expertise to operate as independent service centres around the world. 

  • Product Sheets

    Great new product sheets are available, one for each DGT product, with description, technical details and packing information. Click here.

  • Dutch Draughts Championships

    The 2016 Dutch Draughts Championships are held in the city of Enschede, home to DGT.


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