• DGT3000 - the world's most advanced game timer - connects to all DGT e-Boards

  • DGT e-Boards for live broadcasting of chess games via the internet.

    DGT e-Boards for live broadcasting of chess games via the internet

  • DGT 2010

    DGT2010 - the official FIDE chess clock

  • Cube and Pyramid

    Cube and Pyramid - multiplayer game timers for up to 6 players

  • Chess Starter Box Red

    Chess Starter Boxes - all you need to learn and play!

  • DGT1001 - perfect simplicity in game timing.

    DGT1001 - perfect simplicity in game timing

  • Revelation Chess Computer

    Revelation II Chess Computer - the ultimate chess experience

Featured Products

  • NEW Carrying Bags

    Newly designed DGT Carrying Bags to store board, pieces, digital clock and acccessories.


    The DGT 1001 is a universal game timer suitable for school, club or home use. Perfect simplicity in game timing!

  • DGT Designed Plastic Chess Pieces

    These high quality plastic chess pieces are weighted and underneath finished with felt.

Latest publications

  • Dutch Draughts Championships

    The 2016 Dutch Draughts Championships are held in the city of Enschede, home to DGT.

  • Cube & Pyramid game tips

    Which settings should I use on the Cube and Pyramid? See the FAQ for a list of game tips for various games.

  • Retro Software for Revelation II

    The unique Retro Software allows Revelation II users to play against nostalgic chess computers from the past.

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The main products of DGT are game related: digital clocks and electronic boards for chess and draughts.

As a leading electronics and digital company DGT develops innovative ideas with courage and enthusiasm. With our quality products and unique services we want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.

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