• DGT 3000

    Successor to the DGT XL | Connects to the DGT e-Board.

  • DGT 3000 with walnut be-board

    Our new DGT 3000 clock with a walnut e-Board.

  • DGT 2010

    DGT2010, the official chess clock of the International Chess Federation.

  • Cube and Pyramid

    Game clock, for a competitive game at the club or a friendly game at home.

  • Red Chess starter box

    Learn chess at an early age!

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  • Blitz Chess at DGT

    On May 25th 2015 the DGT building opened its doors to host the yearly blitz tournament organized by local chess club SG Dr. Max Euwe.


Our Company

The main products of DGT are game related: digital clocks and electronic boards for chess and draughts.

As a leading electronics and digital company DGT develops innovative ideas with courage and enthusiasm. With our quality products and unique services we want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.

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